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Oct 18, 2011 by Anonymous

This is the first occurrence that my wife and I employed the moving company. They did a fantastic task. My wife endorsed this crew to my parents. We had incredibly not easy happenings with numerous moving companies last year. However this moving firm is a notable disbelief. Amazing not bad expenses, impressive, helpful abet. These guys were professional, took on huge mind to the household items packaged in addition protected everything for the shipment.

Aug 26, 2011 by Anonymous

This is the 1st. time I have chartered that team. They performed fantastic undertaking. My husband suggested the workers to our friends. I did have quit a lot tiring episodes with several workers in pat times. Non the less the workers was a great surprise. Astonishing quite good expenses, fantastic, helpful service. That team were professional, conveyed enormous mind about the furniture wrapped and covered everything for the shipment.

Jul 22, 2011 by Anonymous

The team was very experienced and useful. The movers rates are extremely economical. actually knew what they were doing

Jul 10, 2011 by Anonymous

The team are qualified, competent, and had the extra aptitude to think about and economically arranging the truck. I figure basically hinges to the movers you get, we have two. the team that came on day 1 was noticeably knowledgeable and experience, they were truly prepared. The crew that showed up on day two that divulged that they are new to residentail moving, were responsive and obliging.

May 07, 2011 by Anonymous

Frederick 1 Movers moved us from Texas to Cali. From the first name they had been very friendly and honest. We requested a lot of questions they usually answered every one with out a problem. They described all of the issues that might price us more on the day of the move and made sure we had all the data we may need for making a move of this kind. They sent a moving information which actually was a giant assist in making ready to move and none of the other companies we spoke with did that. We felt like they actually cared about their customers and based mostly on their fame they ve proven that they actually do. Thanks to Frederick 1 Movers for making our move a superb experience.

, 4.8 5.0 25 25 The movers charge really is conventional, they were at the proper time. They didn t postpone, extremely fine automobilist, the company gave a stepladder, a few bundles of coverlets

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